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In partnership with local media journalism across Illinois, this project elevates the stories of “Prairie State” museums and their inherent community and economic value as they face the COVID-19 crisis. 



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The project brings 13 diverse news outlets from across the state of Illinois, in addition to national and international news outlets. Explore the detailed Google Map to discover participating news outlets and their readership/listener statistics.



This project is an initiative of Resilient Heritage, a firm that collaborates at the crossroads between and among arts, culture, and heritage. Working with museums, community organizations, philanthropy, and the governmental sector, Resilient Heritage builds value and relationships that in turn strengthen organizations to fulfill mission-critical work through organizational development, fundraising, and public engagement.

This website was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center. The Prairie State Museums Project appreciates the Pulitzer Center’s critical support in funding local journalism initiatives, including this project for its Coronavirus News Collaboration Challenge.