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Tia smith

Principal of Mvjor Shot It

Videographer of the Prairie State Museums Project

Tia Smith is a multi-talented visual artist who has produced moving documentaries and photographs of her native Rockford. A former public housing resident, Ms. Smith began developing her skills in support of the Rockford Housing Authority’s efforts to increase public housing resident participation in its long-term development plans, and engage Rockford residents in creating stable and affordable housing communities. She believes in new experiences as a way of providing new inspirations for her work, and distinct narrative paths, particularly in her filmmaking work. Apart from her work for the Rockford Housing Authority, she has also produced videos for Transform Rockford, a strategic planning public process, as well as the Rockford chapter of the United Way. Ms. Smith started her filmmaking journey by developing scripts and writing spots for the college radio station at Rock Valley College.

Examples of her work include:


RHA Success Stories – Yatte

Barber Colman Restoration Project

Transform Rockford

To learn more about her work, please visit her firm’s website, Mvjor Shot It